You, my own deep soul,
trust me. I will not betray you.
My blood is alive with many voices
telling me I am made of longing.

What mystery breaks over me now?
In its shadow I come into life.
For the first time I am alone with you—

you, my power to feel.

Rainer Maria Rilke, The Book of Hours I, 39 (via tectusregis)



This is the reason gifsets were invented

friendly reminder that this wasn’t in the script - they were just messing around on set one day and this happened.

exciting easter plans

we are having easter at my dad’s house this year!  

gracie and i are already planning a million spring like things to make: roasted carrots, lemon bars, rotisserie chicken (some yummy spring herbs or something french), roasted potatoes, baked brie and pear (?) wrapped in puffed pastry a ham, etc, etc.  

we’ve both wanted to host a holiday for years now so we are vvv excited.  (HOSTING FOR MY DAD’S SIDE OF THE FAMILY THAT IS).  I predict it will be so lovely and relaxing and stuff.  YAY PAPA’S FAMILY.  YAY EASTER.  YAY NICE FAMILY.  YAY SPRING.  YAY COOKING. 


easter by toi ♥ on Flickr.


easter by toi ♥ on Flickr.

work tales

when do conversations about protein powder, turned into inappropriate jokes concerning one’s daily protein intake, get old? according to adel (my male coworker), never.

Finished Bee Quilt Top Underside Queen Bee


Bee Quilt

The material has been hand dyed with turmeric, tea and onions skins. Then hand printed with lino cuts to represent the larvae, workers, drones and the single queen bee. The quilt was then then pieced, quilted and bound by hand.

The bees are arranged in a rough imitation of the structure of a hive: the queen is surrounded by workers, each drone and larvae are attended by their own workers, while others form a circle to represent a “bee dance” and some stand guard at the entrance to the hive.


Josef Frank


Josef Frank

babysitting tales

1. the little girl i babysit asked me if i “was still going to be her babysitter when i become an artist?”  she meant, when I go off to school to study expressive arts therapy, will i still be her babysitter.  it almost made me cry.  i’ll miss her (and her brothers) a lot. 

2.  we played candy land.  she was very adamant that we have separate card piles.  once we started playing, it took me all of 60 seconds to realize she had put ALL of the candy cards in her pile.  she advanced to the finish line within like four turns and proudly admitted she was “cheating but winning”. 

Going on a last minute trip out west in two weeks!

Just purchased plane tickets for a five day trip to Arizona/Colorado. 

I need to visit Prescott and then Naropa and their last week of classes is the only week I can make it. So Gracie and i are going! I’m kind of freaking out.  But also vv excited because I’ve never been to Colorado! (oh my am I excited to see those mountains!) And Jeepie and I have never traveled as just the two of us… so that’s pretty cool too!  Especially since my little sib is going to be in NEW ZEALAND FOR OVER THREE MONTHS AND I WILL MISS HER SO MUCH.

Life feels real right now.  And it’s kind of scary and awesome and sad all at once. 


(I’m still trying to make that a thing… yolo. super awk).