recent thoughts on self-care

I’ve been thinking a lot about the different definitions of self-care and how some forms are so much more idealized (?) than others.  and how introvert self-care is so radically different from extrovert self-care.  and how i am really, much more extroverted than i kind of made myself believe for like, all my life?  and that was easy to do because, to the majority of people around me (including tumblr peeps), self-care was defined in very lovely, but very specific (and kind of limited) ways/things.  for years all of the closest people in my life were very introverted in nature.  so i learned to take care of myself like they did.  and i learned so much.  and so many important things.  but recently, i’ve realized how i naturally have a quite extroverted piece of myself and how much i need to take care of her as well as introvert-claire.  as equally as introvert-claire.  this is really, really important in order to keep myself balanced- paying attention to ALL the pieces that make me, ME.  

like self-care is sometimes staying home all day or night and taking a bubble bath, burning candles and writing down all your feelings.  sometimes its sitting outside in the sun all day, doing art projects.  sometimes its making yourself a kick-ass, home-cooked meal.  sometimes its being in nature or picking flowers or buying yourself things or painting your nails.  sometimes its blasting music and dancing your booty off when no on is home.  

AND sometimes self-care is making connection with an awesome person or good friend or coworker.  sometimes its spending the night out with a whole bunch of friends, getting a little tipsy and dancing your booty off with strangers.  sometimes self-care is sex because it feels awesome and is super embodying and empowering and great.  sometimes its being in community.  sometimes its allowing yourself to receive or be taken care of.  but always, always self-care is about paying attention to what YOU need in any given moment and not what the world is telling you, you need.   self-care is a really personal, self-defined way to honor and take care of oneself, in whichever way one sees fit. 

a very annoying thing happened with a guy i’ve been casually seeing for the last month (and a half?).  so i’m like biiiiiiiii…

and i adapted a fuck him attitude, took selfies, order another Warby Parker home try-on set, changed my undies from boxer-esk boy shorts to lacey pink ones, went to the co-op and bought myself a BEAUTIFUL & local flower bouquet, an elderberry kombucha and some cardamom ice cream from the co-op.

now i’m going to go sit on the couch and drink a kombucha with a shot of local, organic vodka (thanks for the idea Allie!!!), paint my nails, admire my beautiful flowers, eat some venison steak that my dad’s cooking up and my boss at the farm shot the other day and then finish the night with the ice cream topped with goat milk caramel sauce and dark chocolate chips.